Roberto Chavez Jr

Computer Engineer: SWE & Machine Learning

About me

I’m Passionate ABOUT Machine Learning (AI)

I'm from the University of California, Santa Cruz major in Computer Engineering. My interest in this field stems from the projects I’ve worked on related to Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Robotics. Outside of the classroom, I’ve researched deep learning predictive models where I’ve accurately assigned video-level labels from YouTube using the new and improved YT-8M V2 dataset. I’m also working on navigating self-driving car simulators from "DeepTraffic” held by MIT. In my spare time, I enjoy tutoring students in data structures and advanced programming (C vs C++, inheritance polymorphism, object-oriented programming, template polymorphism, GUI, and Client/Server applications). Through tutoring, I enable my students to become confident in their coding abilities, while also strengthening my own abilities.


In my spare time, I like to outline anything I have difficulty understanding. When met with a coding problem, I don’t immediately start coding, but instead draw out the application’s full nature. Then I write down any patterns worth considering. Lastly, I start writing out pseudo-code. If you click here, I outline my work for the book “Cracking the Coding Interview”.


What motivated me to pursue computer engineering originates from my hometown (Coachella, CA). Being the first in my family to go to college was a privilege, especially as a Mexican-American seeking a field in technology. I see my privilege as an opportunity to give back to my community, where I hope to reconstruct the education system to support computer science courses.


I manage my time well so as long I psychically take care of my body. Working out helps me manage my frustration from a stressful day. If I don’t have time to work out on a specific day, I go outside and rekindle with the fresh air. I also manage my schedule through google calendar for both my professional and social life. Lastly I plan how to adapt worst case for any task that may be time consuming for future events.

Pro. Experience

  • 01/2016 - 06/2016
  • NASA Drone
  • Image Processing on an Autonomous Drone

My Professional Skills

Language: C/C++

I've coded in C/C++ for 4+ years now and implementing it in data structures, sorting algorithms, microcontrollers, robotics, and kernel level stack for the Operating System FreeBSD (i.e Shell, Scheduling, Paging, and File Systems)

Deep Learning & Computer Vision

I've been coding in OpenCV for 2 years and learned how to make apps related to object detection, facial recgonition, and speed tracking. Language is in C++. In my Deep Learning thesis, I utilized convolutional neural net studies in computer vision.

Swift & Objective-C

I've coded in Swift and Objective-C for the past year. In Objective-C, I've created apps utilizing the accelerometer and the gyroscope. In Swift, I've made an app that parses 700+ Pokemons info (Pokedex).